This seminar focusses on the industrial production of lithium-ion pouch cells. In practical modules, starting from the raw materials, slurries and electrodes going to the production of pouch cells and closing with the electrochemical characterization, the cell assembly will be performed hands on.


19 - 20 June 2018 in Husum, Germany

  • Overview about Power Electronics for Grid Integration of Wind Energy
  • Grid-integration challenges (excess of wind energy, harmonics, synchronization, standards -existing and coming ones in different countries- overview)
  • System solutions (dc and ac distribution, storage, sector coupling, power to X)
  • Control Solutions (central/decentral) of power electronics to target the grid challenges
  • Power converters architecture (Low voltage and medium voltage systems)
  • Power converter devices (Silicon versus SiC)
  • Passive components in wind turbine systems (both in dc link and at ac side)
  • Off-shore wind challenges incl operation and maintenance
  • Manufactures perspective and emerging technologies (actual drivers – cost of PV energy is cheaper- , solid-state substation, 10-20 MW Wind turbine, transformer free solutions)
  • Wind farm system stability assessment – from subsynchronous to super synchronous – as well as mitigation solutions (Tools, RTDS etc)